During the last summers our students and families had a great time in our Spanish and French summer camps, learned something new in another language, from another culture. 

We are excited to offer during the Summer Camp 2021 a larger variety of activities as well as times, for ages 2 weeks -12 years old. Our June and July Summer Camps are two weeks long, full time (7.30am-5.30pm). 

To register in each camp please see the Registration Forms on the bottom of this page. For additional information please contact each location.
Sandy Springs: 404-847-0829, Steph@trlanguages.com
Lawrenceville: 678-985-8080, Jennifer@trlanguages.com

Summer Program - 2021 

Sandy Springs: 404-847-0829

Lawrenceville: 678-985-8080

JUNE 1st - JUNE 11th - Visiting Costa Rica - Rainforest
JUNE 14th - JUNE 25th - Visiting Canada - Agriculture
 JULY 5th - JULY 16th  - Visiting Argentina - Dinosaurs
JULY 19th - JULY 30th - Visiting France - Inventions
All our camps are total Immersion camps offered in Spanish. In Sandy Springs French is offered to classes 30 minutes/day only in the afternoon. During each two weeks children will learn some characteristics of countries featuring the vocabulary of child's play, with many STEM/Science activities.