We knew Tabula Rasa was the place for us from the moment we first walked into the building - it just felt right to us on so many levels; there is a recognition among the teachers and staff that they play a tremendously important role in our society today, one that they take quite seriously. Our son is challenged by the curriculum, yet not overwhelmed; there is the right balance of work and play; and an environment of "love thy neighbor" that we hold dear and that we want our son to develop and cherish as he builds his character during these formative years. Our son feels loved, cherished and happy while attending Tabula Rasa and being bilingual is just a bonus! 

Amanda, parent of Billy Mack (Pre-K) 


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​Johns Creek: 770-663-0120

I was committed to finding a language immersion program for my daughter, but I did not want to do it at the expense of a rigorous curriculum. In Tabula Rasa I found a strong language immersion program in an environment that nurtured my child's emotional and academic development. Most important is that by providing its students a positive early learning experience, Tabula Rasa fosters a love of learning that serves as a terrific educational foundation.

Kamina, parent of Spencer (1st Grade) 

As your typical American couple of only one spoken language, we knew that we wanted more for our first born child. When we started looking at MMO programs in our area, we were certain that we wanted something exceptional and diverse, but not certain how to achieve it. We finally settled on a focus on multilingualism and with this gal in mind we discovered Tabula Rasa. As we learned more and more about the total immersion program, we became more and more bewildered. "How would our child learn English?", "Will she get behind in learning things in her native language?" we would constantly ask. Somehow we always walked away reassured by the staff that not only would our child learn another language, but she would learn more thoroughly and efficiently everything else she was exposed to. Two more kids and almost 5 years later, our three children continue to amaze us daily with their language capacities as well as breadth of knowledge. They are each well beyond their peers in every academic arena and can speak and comprehend a foreign language at the same level as native children their own age. In addition to finding a language program for our children at Tabula Rasa, we have gained an international education. On any given day, you can see a snapshot of our world in each class and the diversity in nationality and culture is priceless. In addition, we are constantly impressed with the attention given by Tabula Rasa to our children's health and well being. The nutritional focus is unprecedented and the environmental awareness that is encouraged is invaluable. We have seen nor heard at any other establishment that combines so many of those features that we value so deeply in our household.

Jenni and Michael, parents of Hannah (3rd grade), Taylor (Pre-K) and Maran (3YO)